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5 Best Spray Tans on The Market in 2018

5 Best Spray Tans on The Market in 2018

Mar 5, 2018

Everyone likes a nice tan. Darker skin is sexier and it’s just something that’s regarded as beautiful for as long as we can remember. But, getting a tan is sometimes easier said than done. Some people get burned skin if they spend a couple of hours in the sun. Others would like a tan, but they don’t like sunbathing so they get a tan by visiting solariums and beauty shops.

Everyone knows that the skin becomes dry and it also ages faster if you are exposed to the sun too much. People with a nice tan often have to sacrifice their skin health to get that look everyone wants. But, what if we told you that you can get a great tan while keeping it healthy and soft? This article will go over the best natural spray tans you can buy this year. These products are made by professionals and the results you get from using them will make everyone else jealous. So, without further ado, let’s get to the details.

legendLegendary solution for legendary results

We will start with the Norvell legend solution. This natural sunless solution has been made by Rick Novell, a respected name in the skincare industry. The company is a pioneer in the field as they only use 100% natural ingredients that are completely free of allergens, gluten, paraben, and any other unnatural substances.

This solution has a completely natural fragrance that comes from the ingredients such as, mango, argan, aloe vera, citric acid, green coffee bean, and many more. Apart from smelling great, this solution will provide you with the tan you’ve always wanted due to other ingredients like bronzers and DHA. When it comes to sunless tanning, it doesn’t get much better than what this product offers. The packaging tells a lot about the quality of this 34 oz tanning solution.

venetian oneExotic tan in no time

Having a nice dark tan is one thing, but getting it in as little as 60 minutes is something entirely different. The Norvell Venetian One is a solution for sunless tanning that provides a tone you can’t get at the beach. The trick is in the exotic formula that combines brown and violet bronzers. The Venetian region is known for its beauty and so is the tan provided by this solution.

The results will be visible in about an hour. The color of the skin changes into an exotic shade that lasts for months! Like every product from Norvell, the Venetian One has a delightful smell called Paradise Breeze. It is easy to fall in love with and it gives you a beautiful breeze of natural ingredients.

This is a product that is destined for those who like to leave an impression on other people. The dark skin tone you get from wearing it catches everyone’s eyes, and if that’s not enough, the fragrance will completely hypnotize them. Of course, the solution is made out of natural ingredients. It comes in an 8fl oz packaging, enough to last you for quite some time.

norvell darkIdeal “off the beach tan” with one spray

Norvell has another amazing product in their tanning solution line you should consider. The Norvell dark premium sunless solution offers a way of getting a tan in minutes in a safe and natural way. The catch is in the fact that there is no catch! This product is a result of years of scientific research. The results are only possible because of the breakthrough they made in the micro-nutrient technology that allows the skin to absorb and incorporate them immediately.

To put in simple terms, your skin will change colors as these 100% natural ingredients make their way through your epidermis. Unlike other Norvell products, this one has to be sprayed on with an airbrush to get the desired effects. The instructional manual will have all of the information you need to get the ideal beach tan in a matter of seconds without damaging your skin. It’s really the ideal product if you want a natural tan.

one hour rapidOne hour away from a perfect tan

Did you know that you are just one hour away from a tan that makes everyone go wow? Not only you, everyone can have the perfect tan in one hour by using the Norvell one hour rapid. One single use is enough to give you the same skin color you would get after spending a month at the beach.

Like all other Norvell products, this one is the result of perfecting new technologies. Getting a real, natural tan in an hour is only possible because of the way the skin works with the proprietary amino acid propulsion system called xLa-R8R. Once your skin soaks it in, all you have to do is wait for one hour. This solution works just like the Venetian One, the only difference is in the color of the tan. It comes in an 8fl OZ packaging. You can’t go wrong with this product.

Bronze skin tone from the south of France

Saint Tropez is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. It is known for its beautiful beaches, fine wine, and long, hot, sunny summers. The people living here are known for their dark skin tone, which has inspired people to create a sunless lotion that resembles exactly that. The St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mist will give you a tan from southern France, no matter where you may be.

In fact, this spray is something you can’t find everywhere. It allows you to choose how dark you want your skin to be. You just have to put the spray on and take a shower after a couple of hours. The more you wait, the darker your skin will become. Once you shower, your skin will become silky and smooth. The tan will be even, and you can correct your skin tone whenever you want. One spray-on usually lasts for 5 days.

So, here are the best sunless solutions on the market. We hope you found one that fits your needs, but no matter which one it is, you will surely get the tan you’ve wanted.

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