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How to Choose a Beauty Subscription Box?

How to Choose a Beauty Subscription Box?

Oct 31, 2018

Monthly beauty subscription boxes are quite popular nowadays. Some of which offer a combination of full and sample size products. Others have new products that may not even be in the stores yet. There’s nothing as too much makeup, the truth is, top quality beauty products are pricey.

However, with so many skin care, cosmetic and hair product brands to choose from, it can be difficult to identify the best. Fortunately, below is how you can identify your best beauty subscription box.

1. Their Brands’ Reputation

Before you subscribe to any option, it wise to ascertain that all their brands are reputable. Some beauty boxes may have substandard products or unknown brands. However, they do not have to be popular or old brands. They can be new, but make sure they are reputable and have genuine products.

2. Value for Money

As in buying any other product, getting the value for your money is paramount. Some subscription may have the best brands, but be quite pricey. Others may have equally reputable brands but offer more reasonable prices. It is therefore vital that you choose carefully and compare. Make sure to settle for subscription boxes that offer the best value for your money.

3. Your Budget

Though not always a good selling point, the price is also important. While you can afford a subscription of over $50 a month, it’s much more likely that you will end up spending less than that amount. Most boxes are curated and shipped at the beginning of the month.

You should, therefore, wait until there are reviews, probably a week or two, then go for the ones you like most. Chances are that their prices will have dropped.

4. Availability of Offers and Coupons

Most subscription services will have offers for their loyal customers. So if your subscription was about to expire, and you intended to renew, you should wait till the last week of the month. Who knows, you might even be lucky to get renewal discount codes.

5. The Flexibility of their Brands

Some subscriptions may allow you to choose the products for yourself. Others may have an option where you can cancel your subscription midway. In my opinion, these are the best. Besides, there’s no possibility that you will choose a product you dislike.

subsription beauty box

6. Methods of Purchasing

Some subscriptions are only available on social media or via phone calls. Well, they might be new in the markets, trying to build their customer base. Regardless, be sure to verify that they are genuine before you pay for your order. This way, you will avoid scams.

7. Availability of Short-Term Subscriptions

If you are considering short-term subscriptions, it is important that you don’t pay for the long-term right away. Try a month’s box first, then go for a long-term subscription after you are sure you like it. This ensures you to settle for the best.

8. Contents

Once you have identified a preferred box, you’ll want to consider the contents. Do you want locally available products? Or shipped ones? In either case, you might also need to check their reviews. The review of boxycharm subscription boxes is a good example. Besides, the best subscriptions will most likely have excellent reviews.

Subscription boxes are a fun way to try new products and reward yourself for making it through the month. Nonetheless, you should ensure that you have chosen your favorite brands. But now that you know what to consider, you should easily narrow down your search to the best.

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