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How To Edit Photos With Lightroom For Mobile

How To Edit Photos With Lightroom For Mobile

Dec 26, 2018

We have many ways to edit your photo using Lightroom below, some tips

Choose a photo to edit

From the movie bar, run the bottom of Lightroom and click on the photo you want to edit, and it should appear dramatically, in the center of Lightroom.


There are many ways to do this, but we will use simple quick lightroom app fixes in this article.

Edit multiple photos at once

There are some settings that I know we will use for each photo we can edit. Therefore, to save a lot of time, we can capture the first photo in the movie bar and make the following adjustments.

Change the aspect ratio

You do not have to do this, but most people love widescreen photos. However, in the upper part of the left panel, in the upper part, there is the tool cutting over. Click on the icon and the submenu will go down. To the right of the padlock image, is a drop-down with aspect ratio options like Original.



Click it and pick 16 x 9. If you need, you can reposition the photo by clicking on it, holding down the left mouse button and dragging the photo to where it looks best. When you are happy, you can click on the Done button, in the lower right part of the photo window.

Color saturation

You can observe the colors of the photo you are working on and then move the appropriate scroll bars to see if that helps improve the photo. For instance, if you see green leaves, you can improve the photo by moving the slider on the green icon on the gloss and saturation tabs from the HSL tab.

Saturation makes colors more vivid, richer and deeper, while luminance helps make colors darker or lighter. You may not be a color expert, but you can consider how the eyeball changes as you move the slider.

If things look better with the movement to the left or to the right, you can still move the slider so it does not look quite right. Most of the time, all minor changes are all we need. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your photo.

Photo size options

If you want a full-size Lightroom photo to be processed, the box to the right of the Resize to adjust: the unchecked box is unchecked. However, if you know that you will only need the same photo, but only in a specific size, you can make sure that the box and the dimensions are checked.


Finally, for greater accuracy, the common printing standard is 300 pixels per inch, 72 pixels per inch is the recommended resolution if you only publish online.

Additional editing features

Hold down the Shift key, double-click on the label labeled White and repeat the process with the label labeled Blacks. If you feel you need to adjust the contrast, exposure, and heat.

You can click and drag these segments of slides and make changes to the changes, to determine how much you add or remove.

You can make these changes before considering whether increasing both clarity and Vibrance will help improve my photo further. If they do, excellent; If not, double-click on your qualifications to the left of each slider to reset this setting

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