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Most Important Things You Need to Know in Lightroom

Most Important Things You Need to Know in Lightroom

Dec 28, 2018

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most important and powerful tools for a photographer. It has features and processes enough to make any photographer become a professional. At its simplest level, lightweight can help you do three main things, sort your photo as you like, post-process them and export them. Lightroom is more complicated than rapidly working through a shoot and plodding through batches of photos. It is a catalogue app, a one-stop shop for managing your library.

With its set of features and processes, you could spend your time playing around things, but if you want to go to the right direction, here are few simple concepts that you must need to know before using this tool.

Back up your catalogue

Backup is perhaps the most important thing when setting up because everything you do in the develop mode is stored in the catalogue. It can be a disaster if you lose your catalogue due to hard drive failure or any other reason, so it is essential that you backup Lightroom regularly to an external hard drive.

You can do it on windows or your Mac, but it is also important to backup to Dropbox or google drive once in a while.

Where to store your Photos

The main thing that Lightroom does is help you sort out as well as organize your photos. Every time you import images into Lightroom, the file structures are well organized on your computer. Unlike most apps, Lightroom does not have managed options; rather it only references your photos where there are on your hard drive.


It doesn’t hide your photos away, but it does not lock them in some sort of database you can’t access, they are kept as normal image files on your hard drive. Basically, this means you are responsible for knowing where they are stored and backing them up. If your image are in your memory card and tell Lightroom to add them to the existing location, it will store them on SD card, so if you eject the card, and you happen to format an SD later format on, then your files are gone forever.

Know how to use Lightroom Develop Module

It is important that you understand how to use the develop module. Learn what basic tabs are and what they do. Understand the art of local adjustments, such as how to apply brushes, graduated filers as well as radial filters. Finally, learn a little bit about the finish touches this app is capable of providing. This means cloning, sharpening, noise reduction, removing chromatic aberrations, and correcting lens distortion.

How to use Presets

Presets are created from basic settings in Lightroom, so before you learning anything about preset, it is important you learn about the basic tools first. With this knowledge, you can learn how to select a preset, and even know how to create your own. When it comes to preset, you need to think of them as a starting point and not a finished product.


So learn how to use them, so they can speed up your workflow and creating your favourite look. Some photographers create these preset and offer them for a fee. But you can easily find free lightroom presets; some are good other are Ok, and a majority of them are not worth considering. They are basically non-destructive, but it is important to do your due diligence.

How to use Len Corrections

Lens correction basically helps eliminate the imperfection present in every camera image. These imperfections could include darkening at the corners of the frames, or straight lines appearing curved or simply colour fringes near the edge detail. Despite these correction benefits, lens correction can make an image worse if it is not carefully performed.

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