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Scholarship Programs You Should Check Out

Scholarship Programs You Should Check Out

Dec 17, 2018

If you are looking for different ways to get through college, applying for a scholarship is a one way. After all, you end up paying little to no money for your studies. Most of these programs require you to go through an application process which is not enjoyable for many students. A lot of information is submitted during this process such as transcripts, test scores, community services activities, resumes and GPA results.

In some cases, several essays are required accompanied by certain grade requirements. Applying for these programs could be difficult especially when preparing for exams or submitting certain projects at school. However, it is essential to try and apply for these programs as you might be accepted into a school and not worry about fees anymore. Below are some programs you should consider.

1. Travel is education SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship is available to United States students in grade six to grade twelve. To apply for this program, you are required to submit certain images, two-dimensional artwork and a piece of writing titled “The World in your World”. Sample topics are available on the website.

2. CKSF scholarship competition

This program is available to high school, undergraduate and graduate students in the United States. Interested individuals must register to participate in the quizzes that are meant to test their knowledge of various topics. Point awarded are based on accuracy and the amount of time taken to answer questions. Students with the highest scores at the end of the competition win.

3. No essay scholarship

Applying for a scholarship that does not require an essay is quite the deal. However, you have to submit some information about yourself and complete some tasks needed in the application process.

To qualify for this program, you do not have to write an essay.

4. American Legion National High School Oratorical sponsorship

The program is available to all United States students in high school freshman year to high school senior students under the age of twenty. Permanent residents of the United States are also eligible for this program.


The requirement for this program is an oration based on the United States Constitution that emphasizes on responsibilities of citizens to the government. You can find a complete list of topics on the Legion’s website. Winners of the contest are awarded a $1500 additional scholarship.

5. One young Earth Filmmakers

This scholarship contest is available to individuals under the age of twenty-five years. The application process requires you to submit an eight-minute video that discusses solutions to indicated sustainability topics. The theme of your video has to give solutions to environmental problems. Videos that contain animations of up to forty-five seconds are encouraged.

6. Technology addiction awareness scholarship

Students in high school through to graduate school can apply for this scholarship. All applicant must be United States citizens or permanent residents. A one forty-word essay discussing issues that related to technology addition has to be submitted. Only the students with the best articles will stand a chance to win the scholarship. For more details, you can visit this website to learn more.

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