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Winter Running Gear Buying Guide

Winter Running Gear Buying Guide

Jan 20, 2019

Choosing the perfect winter running guide can be quite hectic. Other than being comfortable, winter running gear has to be protective. You want your body to be 100% protected from the harsh weather conditions. To make your running enjoyable and worthwhile, you have to rock a perfect running gear. Below is a guide to help you select the ideal running gear for your winter running schedule.

What to keep in mind before selecting a winter running gear

All the clothes that you wear during this season should help keep moisture away from your body. Avoid the cotton jumpers, sweat pants, and cotton gloves at all cost.

They tend to absorb moisture. It would leave you extremely cold. Pick clothes that would help you wick away moisture.

What to look for in different winter running gear

1.Winter running shoes

The purpose of buying good winter shoes is to keep your feet dry, avoid feet blisters and to provide comfort. While shopping for winter shoes, look for one with waterproof upper surfaces, no tie-laces, reflective sections and outsoles with a steadfast grip. The shoes should also fit you perfectly. You do not want moisture sipping into the shoes.


Your winter running jacket should have water and wind–resistant coat on the upper surface. It should, however, be appropriately padded. The pads would help keep you warm.


With water and wind resistant lining and well-padded coat, you are assured of a worthwhile and a warm running session. The jacket should have collars that would help you keep your neck region warm. It is the time to leave you winter cotton coats at home.


Your winter running socks should help keep your feet warm, and free from blisters. Besides, they should also enable free circulation of air within the shoes. It is preferable that they are made with some ventilation panels. It would allow a good circulation of air around your feet.

blister proof socks is a must have in your winter running gear collection. Blisters can be ugly, and very painful. Besides, they take long to heal.

4.Running Tights

When you get a good running tight, it can be versatile. A good one should be tight enough to keep you warm in winter and thin enough to keep you cool during fall. If they are tight enough, more blood will be triggered to flow to the thighs region. It would result in a warming effect. Reserve these tights for when it’s not extremely cold.

5.Wind-resistant pants

Whenever it’s extremely cold, wind and water resistant pants will help you hack the harsh weather. It’s ideal that the pants have upper water and wind resistant coating. It should also be padded to help you keep warm in the extremely cold weather. Wearing not-padded pants can be torturous in the extreme weather.


To keep your hands protected, you need a pair of gloves. Get water-resistant gloves to prevent moisture from sipping across them. Ensure that the gloves are heavy enough to keep your hands warm, but not too heavy to hinder you from adjusting your clothes.


Winter running clothes are usually heavy. They may need constant adjusting. You may also need to tie your shoelaces while running. You do not want to get off your gloves to tie your shoelaces.


You have to cover your head correctly. It should be accommodative enough to cover your ears too. It should also be water-resistant. You do not want moisture on your scalp as you run.

In conclusion, while running during winter, your entire body should be well covered. Get yourself water-resistant gear that would keep you warm. Purchasing these winter gears is a worthwhile investment.

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